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Mechanical Engineering Design

Mechanical Engineering Design

Through many years of hands on experience, particularly in the
automotive and power generation sectors, our team knows what it takes to turn concepts
into the final cost competitive product.

We can help you with...

Research and Competitor Benchmarking

Understanding what your competitors are doing is the first step in successfully delivering your new product to market.

We can help you research current products and carry out appraisals assessing the design, manufacturing processes, materials and suppliers.

Concept Design

There is usually more than one way to solve a problem. Choosing the right design to move forward with is a key decision. During the concept design stage of your project we can create 3D CAD visualisations of different solutions. Then, using a decision matrix assessment of each concept we can hone in on the best design to move forward with. Having your concepts in 3D also allows images to be created for market research which may help assess demand for your product at an early stage.

Detailed Component Design

Getting the detail right is crucial not only to the function of the product but also to its manufacturing cost.
Over specify a feature and the manufacturing costs can rise quickly, under specify and durability can be affected
leaving you open to future warranty claims.

We will work closely with your chosen supplier to make sure components can be produced at the lowest cost possible.
Early discussions with manufacturers are crucial not only to help keep costs down but also to prevent costly redesigns.

Material and Process Selection

There are many things to think about when choosing the material and manufacturing process for your product.
Consideration should be given to:

Material properties

Mechanical, physical and electrical.


How do you want the component to look and feel.


Can the chosen material be recycled, are any of the materials prohibited,
what conditions and temperature ranges is the component expected to operate in?


Is the material readily available in your manufacturing location.
(Getting the specified material in some countries can be challenging).


What volumes are you expecting to produce the product in?
A low volume production solution can be very different to a high volume solution.


What is the raw material cost and the cost to process it into the required geometry?
Through many years of experience we can help you find the right solution.

Real Time Monitoring System

Project Management

Delivering what we said, when we said. We have worked on many projects requiring complex project management.
We understand how important it is to manage projects carefully. We will always agree key dates with you, submitting progress reports
and conducting design reviews at pre defined intervals.

Components today can be manufactured across the world before being brought together in one
location for assembly and test. Working on such global projects has given us the experience to successfully manage projects
across many time zones and in different languages.